Newborn Session

To secure your Newborn Photography Session with Ingrid Timmerman Photography I would ask you to book your session after the week 20 ultrasound scan. I will reserve time in the diary and we will plan the exact date for the session when the baby is born. Booking before the baby arrives will allow me to plan the diary and make sure there is time set aside.

Best time for newborn photography session is when the Newborn is under 12 days of age. This is when they sleep best and will adopt the best baby poses. After 12 days your baby will be more alert and less keen on curling up like he was been in your tummy during pregnancy. The wonderful thing about newborn photography is that it really captures how delicate your newborn is. 

Each session is styled to your tastes.  Once your baby is born I will ask about your colour and attire preferences for your session and your newborn images will be tailored accordingly. If you have a special blanket, toy or prop you would like to use, you are welcome to bring it along.

Once you are booked into the diary I will be excitedly waiting to hear from you around your due date with the wonderful baby news.