About Ingrid

Hello and welcome to my website.

Thank you for considering me to photograph your Baby's first few days of life. These first few days are so fleeting and precious as they are newborns only for a few weeks - it would be my joy to capture it for you.

I started my photography journey when my own two girls were born. I remember when we moved into our new home, I stopped working in the office and started looking into photography and training. I got my first DSLR camera as a Christmas present from my husband. I haven't looked back and have now photographed newborns for over 6 years - many of my clients often travel for an hour to attend a session with me. 

I have been trained by the best photographers in the art of Newborn Photography.    

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My favourite saying is: “to have photographs is to live life twice”. I truly believe that! Hopefully when you look back on these photos one day you will be able to remember how tiny their toes were, how sweetly they curled up in your arms, how sleepy and peaceful they were, and most importantly how much you love them.